Bata Shoes Elegant Men 2015

Bata Shoes Elegant Men fall winter 2015: shoes and boots

Bata Shoes Elegant Men 2015

Here many Bata collection of men’s shoes for winter 2015, all very stylish and it is definitely elegant. Sneakers models of high, low models sports shoes and shoe lace-up casual shoes with elegant leather or suede and models derby. You can see all the models of men’s shoes Bata for autumn winter 2015.

Sports and casual shoes with high models canvas material (green or blue), a band of contrasting color and white rubber soles (EUR 49.99). Even high models sporty sneaker gray leather with white stitching on the side and there is a section with a clear plastic (also found in chocolate with red and black detail, good in € 69.99). Bata highly advanced sports shoes such as those with gray leather top and beige, single heel inserts on red and white (the same model is also available in different skin color brown. The price is € 59.99). Then there are the people choose the classic sneaker leather monochrome blue or brown suede (EUR 59.99).
And those who prefer to adjust higher, similar to the high shoes, preferring subtle elegant high boots and black leather synthetic sole, laces in the same color (€ 89.99). For people who are younger or for those who prefer an elegant, but not too classic, Bata shoes men’s winter 2014 2015 offers eternal derby shoe laced suede brown or red, with the stitching processing and single skin lines in shades of brown ( EUR 69.99). Modern and contemporary lines over to shoestring style in blue leather strap combined with a suitable, leather sole and rounded tip (EUR 79.99).

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