Liu Jo Luxury watches prices: colorful and shiny

Liu Jo Luxury watches prices: colorful and shiny

Sparkle in all stores Liu Jo Luxury watches , are the new collection spring / summer 2013 with a contemporary design and watches for women, hyper colorful and extremely glamorous. We find out in detail what features the famous brand of Made in Italy by the watches for women in this new season in the photo gallery of the coolest models and prices in detail. Continue reading Liu Jo Luxury watches prices: colorful and shiny

201-carat Chopard the most luxury watches

201-carat Chopard the most luxury watches

201-carat Chopard is Twenty-five million dollars, this is the highest value of the luxury watches in the world. According to the financial magazine Forbes has compiled the ranking of the most exclusive models, the most valuable ever turns out to be the 201-character produced by the Swiss company Chopard designer watches. It is characterized by a small dial covered by a rain of diamonds from many different shades, from yellow to pink or blue, for a total of 201-carat Chopard and a truly unbeatable price. With a certain degree of detachment, followed by the second and third place two models of the house or the Supercomplication Patek Philippe, pocket model designed in 1932 for New York banker Henry Graves Junior (recently sold at Sotheby’s for more than 11 million dollars) and the World Platinum that time, at a price of just over $ 4 million, can not see all time zones of the world thanks to a simple and intuitive display. Continue reading 201-carat Chopard the most luxury watches

Hublot launches Clock Atelier, the first watch replacement

Hublot Atelier Clock

Rather than a single model an idea that leads Hublot still the center of attention of the fans of luxury watches. La maison Geneva is launching its Clock Atelier, the first clock replacement designed for customers of the brand. From early September in all 49 boutique brand, the new timepiece will be given in place of your model Hublot brought in for repairs or for easy control and review. The concept is to provide a replacement model was created specifically so that you can wear on your wrist a Hublot watch, even when they do not have any. The fashion house has created the Swiss clock and the idea behind it to pamper its customers. Anyone who buys a model Hublot fact he knows he can count on high-level segnatempi that combine technology and beauty. Some watches are true works of art of high watchmaking and jewelery, the last of which we spoke in time is the model presented at the last edition of BaselWorld, an explosion of gold and diamonds with a value of five million dollars. In addition to the most exclusive watches, la maison Geneva proposes models of high prestige suitable in any situation and look, from elegant to sporty, characterized by the style of the brand. We’ve also seen models created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Costa Smeralda in short, in any case, a Hublot watch is an accessory of great class and prestige. From this the house of Geneva has developed the new “replacement” can happen having to bring your own Hublot watch in for repair, or maybe do a check or a revision, the risk of running out for a while. ‘ Now the risk is no more, because you can pick the model “Atelier”. The model is simple and easy to wear, made of composite resin and black rubber strap with quartz movement. The true value of the watch is not in itself but in concept, explains Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of the group. “The customer Hublot is part of a family, and thanks to the Clock Atelier, will be able to maintain the link with physical and emotional Hublot while his watch will be serviced. We are very proud to be able to develop this concept in all the Hublot boutique in the world, currently 49, and I did it in record time, in order to be operational since returning from vacation. ” A service of luxury more than a clock, highlighted by inscription on the dial, “Not for Sale”: this is also a way to be pampered.

Patek Philippe in limited edition as a gift from Brad Pitt to Angelina Jolie

Patek Philippe Brad Pitt to Angelina Jolie

A wedding gift than exclusive for a couple of the most popular and famous of Hollywood. Brad Pitt has decided to give his bride Angelina Jolie an ultra-luxury watch, Patek Philippe Minute Repeater from a value of 250 thousand pounds, about 316mila euro. The actor bought the clock during BaselWorld, when he met the Stern family, owners of the brand. A choice really valuable for his promise to get the model chosen by Pitt as a rule, the waiting list is two years. For the couple golden age of cinema is going to get the moment of yes, the two are now expected to attend the day of their wedding, scheduled for next year around April and rumors on the choice of locations, which should be the French chateau owned the couple as the stylist who will dress the bride and groom are wasted. Of course we saw the engagement ring that Brad Pitt wanted to give to her companion: a jewel in diamonds, made by the famous jeweler Robert Procop on a design of the same future husband. We also know that the figures for the photo shoot of what will be the wedding of the year estimates millionaires, at least according to the U.S. press, since we are talking of figures of around 10 million dollars. As a gift in view of the wedding then, the actor has focused on a watch of great impact, a Patek Philippe Minute Repeater. Pink gold with mother of pearl dial, is one of the most beautiful and sought after by fans of the brand enough to be called a true work of art built by hand, also has the option of repeating the sound of the carillon chimes of Big Ben. To get it, as we said before, the waiting list is about two years, but a source told the Sun that Brad Pitt bought it during the International Motor Show in Basel, after knowing the Stern family, always present and attentive in meeting the needs of all customers Patek Philippe, and he spoke to them about which model would give to his bride. “Brad wanted to give Angelina a unique gift, a real piece of art, and the clock has chosen meets all his demands,” said the source at the British tabloid. So the choice fell on a watch really special, ultra-luxury, to celebrate a very important time in their lives: who knows what can we expect still one of the most anticipated weddings of the next season.

Dior introduces new models of Dior Piece Unique Collection 2012

Dior Piece Unique Collection

Now a tradition that continues from 2010 to Dior introduces new models of the Dior collection Pièce Unique, unique watches numbered, in this case 6 to 15. The collection was created to celebrate the craftsmanship of the house even in high watchmaking with the creation of unique models that combine precision, beauty and style with a unique combination of precious stones and materials. The new models, equipped with automatic movement of Zenith Elite, fitted with a gold case with dials always different, enriched by leather strap or taffeta. The new watches enrich the collections of fashion houses, such as Dior Christal Full Diamond, which featured models in diamonds and sapphires. Colors and precious stones, therefore, as in other collections for summer. Pièce Unique collection for Dior watches have certain common features, as we have seen before, including the label Christian Dior Paris hand-sewn into the strap. But everyone is different in the choice of colors: the number 6 has shades of bright red and dark gray given by rubies and black Tahitian pearl, engraved and set with diamonds. By the number 7, the predominant color is blue sapphires and pearls of an ice blue diamond, while the number 8 has the shades of blue because of aquamarines with a flower made from the superposition of six petals in white mother of pearl dial, she diamonds. The number 10 is in shades of lilac and purple amethyst thanks to the diamond and quartz to give light, while the dial is mother of pearl pink. Bright colors for the number 11 with yellow and green with jade and diamonds in addition tsavorite, sapphires and emeralds that are in contrast with the strap in yellow taffeta. Inspiration almost pop by the number 12 with the dial concentric circles where sparkle turquoise, yellow and white diamonds, while the bezel has baguette-cut pink sapphires, in contrast with the black strap in alligator leather or taffeta. Sapphires in bezel and dial, along with emeralds for the green and blue of the number 13 with white mother of pearl dial, while the number 14 celebrates the meeting of fire and ice with mother of pearl dial with diamonds cognac and smokey quartz. Pastel nuances finally by the number 15 with green, pale pink and white made with white mother of pearl on which is drawn a floral pattern with pink sapphires and diamonds and tourmalines bezel. Unique and exclusive models from which to choose the one that suits your look or your personality Continue reading Dior introduces new models of Dior Piece Unique Collection 2012

Swatch and Tiffany break their marriage too soon: farewell collection of watches!

Swatch Tiffany watches

Say goodbye to the collection of watches produced in collaboration with Swatch and Tiffany. It seems that the marriage between the two famous brands of accessories, a decidedly more low cost, the other much more valuable and luxury, both finished ahead of time, even before we can give great emotions glamorous to wear on our wrist. But things first, starting from the day on which the trade precious Tiffany, also celebrated with a film starring Audrey Hepburn, has decided to create a collection with the brand Swatch. A good day for everyone. But it is only a memory. Three years ago, the famous brand that produces wristwatches, colorful and very trendy, and what instead presents his jewelry at a certain level had decided to tie the lawful marriage. But the passion between the two brands is very little time, so that now, as if they were husband and wife, ended up in court, to decide who is to blame for the end of their union. Swatch and Tiffany are in fact ended up in court to see who has hurt people in this story that according to the agreement would have to last at least 20 years and instead ended up in just three years, with a company that now has nothing left. It provides compensation for a millionaire to understand what went wrong in the Tiffany Watch Co. Ltd, which in reality there has never proposed. Obviously the two brands in question are blaming each other, but it was the Swiss company, famous for its colorful plastic watches, to initiate legal procedures. Maybe you could understand at the outset so that a long partnership between two very different brands was not feasible. But at least one collection of fashion, one, we could propose to!

Converse Watch Collection : The fashion brand sneakers for watches

Converse watches

Converse sneakers is not only, but also colorful watches to wear for every occasion. Usually when we think of this fashion brand, we used image models of shoes that the brand offers us in every season. Known, for example, his All-Star, who have somehow revolutionized our more casual wardrobe, offering us the colors and prints that are coveted by all lovers of sneakers. But the fashion brand also gives us many other creations in fashion, apparel and accessories, as these new models of watches. Converse sneakers are now a cult: there are those who just can not resist a new model of shoes of the famous American fashion brand. And I stand among these people in front of a pair of All Star I literally freaked out. Now we not only walk with the fashion brand, but also mark the time … with a colorful style. Not only sneakers, therefore, to Converse fashion brand, but also a range of accessories to make our style and our wardrobe in line with the mood of the fashion house. These clocks, for example, bring happiness only to see them. Watch part of the Converse collection for this autumn winter 2011/12, to make even the coldest days much more glamorous. The collection consists of two models presented above: we have the 1908 and 1908 XL Regular. The strap is made of canvas with a color very intriguing. The course material is the same as the fashion brand Converse sneakers used to make the beautiful, which combine these watches … It will be a cinch to be glamorous!

D & G watches presents the Sestriere Time Extension

DG watches

D & G Time Extension presents Sestriere, the new collection of watches that will mark your day in a glamorous and very stylish. The watches have become an essential accessory to an outfit and must be matched to look like a bracelet and a necklace. This new series of watches are part of the new collection Sestriere Extension, which is characterized by its impeccable style, elegant and sophisticated as we would expect from the Italian brand. Very chic and stylish watches that will make your look unique with a very valuable detail and show off at every opportunity.

Watch with charms for Van Cleef & Arpels: Elegantly minimal

watch Van Cleef Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels is a brand of very precious jewels and luxurious, we rarely talk about it because they are unreachable for us, but every time we see them wearing the star on important occasions, on the red carpet at the premiere in Cannes and so on. But today I want to show a nice clock signed Van Cleef & Arpels, which is part of the new collection, called this model of Mini Charms and is made of skin tones and sparkling with tiny charms lucky charms.

Chopard Mille Miglia Racing for woman with pink

Chopard Mille Miglia Racing

The brand Chopard jewelry and high watchmaking think the female wardrobe, with a model of wrist really interesting timepiece. The luxury brand has done more than take a historic model of clock, the Mille Miglia Racing, making it more attractive, presenting him with details that much more glamorous and chic pink and fashion, who just want to show off any time of day. Thus was born this special version of the Mille Miglia Racing, a very famous clock, dedicated to the famous car race.