Columbia Womens Powder Pazazz Hoodie Sweater

with price $ 89.95 sweater has a beautiful marble yarn two-tone, which adds an extra layer of texture to play this super versatile hoodie. vertical rib sweater to darken the appropriate addition to increasing the body by creating a natural slimming effect and ridicule at the waist and hood complete the effect

Under the technical shell layer, making you warm

Elegant Jacquard Weave Pashmina Shawl

with the $ 14.50 you can get soft and thin materials which can be used as a winter scarf, cocktails cover-up, throw blanket, poncho, head covering for the drizzly weather, hip belts, even a veil for bellydancing. Wrinkle resistant and perfect for traveling

versatile, practical, stylish. quite warm. Very soft & pretty interesting Continue reading Elegant Jacquard Weave Pashmina Shawl