Calvin Klein Jeans Denim Series Kendall Jenner

Calvin Klein Jeans Denim Series Kendall Jenner


It was just a mistake in announcing the line which would debut: Kendall is officially the face of Calvin Klein as we had anticipated just two weeks ago, only that unlike the rumors that they wanted to model the line Calvin Klein Underwear, currently represented by Lara Stone, or instead of the rumored Justin Bieber for Calvin Klein Jeans, the baby of the house will pay Kardashian body and face to the very special Calvin Klein Jeans Denim Series, a limited edition collection that will go on sale from Opening Ceremony from the month next Continue reading Calvin Klein Jeans Denim Series Kendall Jenner

Victoria Beckham womens skinny jeans, a passion denim

Victoria Beckham womens skinny jeans, a passion denim

The Superskinny jeans Victoria Beckham is one of the must-have for the upcoming season., We can wear womens skinny jeans, Superskinny, as used Victoria Beckham, who is very famous icon for women around the world. Continue reading Victoria Beckham womens skinny jeans, a passion denim

Carhart Jeans for Mens with Flannel Lined Jeans

Carhart Jeans for Mens with Flannel Lined Jeans


Carhart Jeans are very superior in giving warm. With a very niceĀ  Flannel Lined Jeans model with a straight leg shape. Gives a very comfortable feeling when wearing it. With 100% cotton flannel is soft and very warm with the right design and the design certainly makes one very good jeans. suitable if you want to wear boots for the winter. On the inside it there is a very nice flannel material to withstand the cold and excellent color. This isĀ  Carhart Jeans with Flannel Lined Jeans for men. Continue reading Carhart Jeans for Mens with Flannel Lined Jeans

Pepe Jeans London, wanted to denim for summer 2012

Pepe Jeans London summer 2012

Pepe Jeans London presents us with a summer line, lively and very young when the Italian fashion brand expands its proposal for spring summer 2012 with lots of denim garments. This mythical fabric is a symbol of casual and carefree, but now, all the more glamorous brand not resist to include it in their collections and made it a very versatile fabric that, depending on the style, can become quite chic. But what we propose Pepe Jeans London in this line? Let’s find out by looking at the photos in our gallery. The British brand has now won all the Italian fashionistas, especially on the young style and fashionable posing in all his collections and also the proposals for this hot weather has not been outdone. If last fall Pepe Jeans London was inspired by Pop Art and the works of Andy Warhol, for this spring summer 2012 season was chosen to inspire the look of young people in London in the ’60s and ’70s. To enrich the proposal for the summer Pepe Jeans London has decided to propose a line of clothing very simple and practical with fashionable clothes but perfect for the leisure, dedicated to a woman who loves the glamor but that outfit makes versatility in the Its distinctive feature. Here then, for a perfect look for everyday life, overalls worn with a blouse or a t-shirt. Everywhere the jumpsuit, with all’acciatura around the neck and pants length Bermuda shorts. Do not miss the shorts with flap, one of the leaders renounced the summer 2012, Pepe Jeans gives us a scarf between the loops of the belt in place for a romantic look hippy but at the same time. Is perfect to match the blouse with embroidery and curled edges like that, surely, your mothers who have worn a similar recall of our age. And the shoes? Pepe Jeans London suggests there is no model but we allow ourselves to give you some hints. How about a pair of espadrilles these looks? Whether you choose with the wedge, or you decide to focus on ultra flat classical model will be perfect. Continue reading Pepe Jeans London, wanted to denim for summer 2012

Skinny jeans can create health problems

Skinny jeans

They are a must in every woman’s wardrobe and, from teenagers to more mature, we bet you are really very few of you who have never worn a skinny jeans in their lives. But now, the garment favored by it girl and supermodel Kate Moss ends under fire: according to Dr. Karen Boyle of the Greater Baltimore Medical Center these jeans, as worn by adherents seem like a second skin, in the long run, would cause serious problems to our nerves. A cold shower for all girls wearing only denim super adherent although perhaps not quite a novelty. But we discover together what has emerged from studies of this American doctor. The mythical skinny jeans, worn and loved by celebrities and offered by every brand, is a very versatile garment. It ‘s perfect with sneakers for a sporty look, but if it’s a model made with a dark wash, worn with high heels and a blazer, can be your ally in an informal occasion. Yet, according to these recent studies, like all the pants are too tight or clothing, should be worn sparingly, indeed, would be better to replace it immediately. But at what diseases may experience a skinny jeans addicted? The first trouble may be of thigh pain, numbness and tingling in the legs. Among the most serious problems however, we indicate a bladder infection and blood clots due to pressure on the skin of the jeans, in life as on the legs. The most serious and common problems instead concern the nervous system: Dr. Boyle mentioned the meralgia paresthesia, a patalogia caused by compression of the nerve that provides the sensitivity to the outermost layer of the skin of the thigh. The pants are too tight did bad for your health is not a real novelty. In recent years, there are so many doctors who have spoken negatively about the clothes are too tight. But what is the solution for a girl who does not want to give up the tight-fitting jeans? In addition to alternate less skinny pants and dresses, especially now that the summer is, it is recommended to buy pants that contain a high percentage of Lycra. Just do some ‘shopping to notice that most of the skinny jeans on the market, are presented in a very stretch denim. Your health will benefit and also for yourselves, you will be much more comfortable.

Gas Jeans France: The favorite jeans for this summer 2012

Gas Jeans France summer 2012

If I ask you to give me a brand of jeans you may also tell me … L or D … know that this is not the only ones to make quality jeans, there’s this brand that I just found out on facebook to know Gas Jeans brand, today I present a few favorites from the collection of GAS jeans spring summer 2012. Continue reading Gas Jeans France: The favorite jeans for this summer 2012

Irina Shayk is the muse for Guess Jeans Spring / Summer 2012, photographs by Bryan Adams

Irina Shayk Guess Jeans spring summer 2012

Guess Jeans has chosen the beautiful Russian model Irina Shayk who, after having won the hearts of Cristiano Ronaldo and the brand Intimissimi, is truly unstoppable. Although Irina Shayk is famous for its link with the brand Intimissimi, the first designer to choose it for its advertising campaign was King George, in fact, on the set of Advaita Armani Exchange in 2010 he met the current boyfriend and now seem to their own happily ever after. Irina Shayk was spokesperson for Guess in 2008 and now returns for spring summer 2012 advertising campaign of Guess Jeans line. In these images the sweet Irina shows off all its beauty and confirm moltoseducente and female, as campaigns for Intimissimi at the bottom, which is now brand ambassador. Guess Jeans manufactures a very interesting campaign, the model needs no introduction, Irina is a perfect choice to combine the versatility of denim and sensuality that they can give each woman. Even the photographer is a very particular, nothing Steven Meisel, Mario Testino, Mario Sorrenti, or Sgura Giampaolo, the photographer is the singer Bryan Adams! Bryan Adams, however, is not just celebrities who are expert in sudden another job, and even in these photos through its Web site, proves to be up to the task, is very good in these photos and transmits a lot of femininity and a touch exaggeration that never fails in Guess campaigns. Continue reading Irina Shayk is the muse for Guess Jeans Spring / Summer 2012, photographs by Bryan Adams

Rihanna with Armani Jeans and Emporio Armani Underwear, unveiled pictures of the countryside

Rihanna and Armani Jeans Emporio Armani

Feminine and sensual, the Barbadian singer Rihanna is the face of Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans, and this is certainly not new. It has long been known that Rihanna would be the new face of the two brands Giorgio Armani and a few weeks ago, I showed you a small preview of the campaign through a video taken directly from the backstage of advertising. After a long wait, now I can show you the first pictures of the advertising campaigns for both brands in which the beautiful Rihanna is the key player in all its glory. Armani Jeans and Emporio Armani Underwear, two of the younger brand of Giorgio Armani, have always had wonderful testimonials. In both cases, the pop singer will replace the gorgeous actress Megan Fox, spokesperson of the two brands of King George for a long time. Although the two women are completely different with beauty I’m sure that no boy will regret the change, the rest is not so bad. The pictures featuring Rihanna were made by a celebrated duo of photographers, Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, who have immortalized in a photo studio in Dublin. Rihanna was photographed in black and white jeans with a sensual and ultra skinny for Armani Jeans, while, in advertising for Emporio Armani Underwear, has been portrayed in underwear and with a complete printed. Continue reading Rihanna with Armani Jeans and Emporio Armani Underwear, unveiled pictures of the countryside

Ashley Greene in the shots for the Summer 2012 , DKNY Jeans

Ashley Greene DKNY Jeans summer 2012

Ashley Greene is the new star of the advertising campaign that presents the Spring Summer 2012 DKNY Jeans. The young star of the series of films that began with the worldwide success of “Twilight” and this year has seen a confirmation with the release of the first part of “Breaking Dawn” begins its climb in the world not only of film, and seen his features was also quite predictable, but also in that fashion. And what’s most glamorous fashion designer Donna Karan to start with? We had already anticipated long ago that Greene was chosen by the designer in New York to publicize his young line. The location for the advertising campaign is of course the Big Apple loves Donna Karan, and Times Square in particular, as you can see better in the pictures. Ashley Greene smiles from the summit of one of those special buses for tourists and behind her stands the line DKNY Jeans adv. There was also to be expected, the last time the Greene as her colleagues have raised the rest of the wonderful creations of haute couture on the red carpet, was expected to soon become points of reference for trends and fashions, is not it? In the shots of Advaita, the young actress is wearing a red fur from the Resort 2012 collection of DKNY Jeans and top blacks of the same line. To complete her look, there are platform boots, the model “Park” with high heel and platform. Of the stars of Twilight, Ashley Greene in my opinion has everything it takes to aim even higher rules, what do you think? Continue reading Ashley Greene in the shots for the Summer 2012 , DKNY Jeans

Pepe Jeans Kids for Spring Summer 2011

Pepe Jeans Kids

The fashion label Pepe Jeans is pleased to bring in his collection for autumn-winter 2011/2012 campaign through the shots of the kids line. Now that all the major fashion brands and also have a more far-sighted fashion line dedicated to the youngest of the house, because even their wardrobe is glamorous and trendy, there must have fashion brand dedicated to the universe of small “fashionable”. So then Pepe Jeans Junior just think all of them. The autumn-winter 2011/2012 is full of very cool ideas. Continue reading Pepe Jeans Kids for Spring Summer 2011